Please note: Schuck Corporation and Schuck Communities are two separate entities.
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Schuck Corporation Way

Operating with Excellence

With more than a quarter of a century of excellence in land development, investment properties, real estate, and business expansion, Schuck Corporation continues to operate as a leader in real estate development and investment throughout the western United States. Through the years, we have found success by staying true to five core principles:

  • Always seek to add value. When developing land and business, we always look for innovative opportunities to increase property value and grow business success.
  • See solutions, not problems. In real estate and business dealings, problems are inevitable. The most adaptable, innovative, and politically savvy companies experience the most success.
  • Use the best whenever possible. Regardless of the product's price point in a community, we create the best environment for our clientele.
  • Create a pride of ownership. On every project, we begin with the future residents and employees in mind because, ultimately, the finished product is only a success if they think it is, and if they do, then the builders and employers will, too. Recruiting and retaining is a lot easier when employees love where they work!
  • Act Responsibly. At Schuck Corporation, we take seriously the responsibility to care for and be conscientious of the communities and environments in which we work.

For the past 30 years, we’ve used these five principles to guide our company, and we will continue to. Using these principles we’ve created numerous strategic alliances and joint ventures, and we look forward to developing more successful partnerships.

Union Ridge

Ridgefield, Washington - Schuck acquired, obtained all the complex entitlements, and is in the process of developing 380 acres, immediately north of Portland, Oregon, on the I-5 corridor, solving major political, technical, marketing challenges. Union Ridge is anchored by a 700,000 SqFt Dollar Tree regional distribution center.